Vehicle Wraps

Did you know?

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America completed a study to find out how effective vehicle wraps were for business advertising.  The study indicated that vehicle wraps reach 80-85% of the top 100 markets.  Pedestrians and vehicle drivers can view this mobile advertisement providing leverage for your business.

Vehicle Wraps

If you want advertising on the go, then a vehicle wrap is what you need!  There is not a more effective advertising method and it has been proven to cost less than other forms of traditional advertising like billboards, television and radio ads.  Vehicle wraps can:

  • Be easily removed
  • Be seen through on your vehicle windows
  • Be partially or fully installed on your vehicle
  • Last between one to five years
  • Be removed without damage occurring to your vehicle

Common Questions

Q:  Do I need a permit to have a vehicle wrap applied to my car?

A:  A vehicle wrap is not a sign that is placed in front of your business; it is applied to your vehicle.  Therefore, unlike some signs, a permit is not needed.

Q:  How long does a vehicle wrap last?

A:  Our highly skilled installers use only the finest materials to create your wrap.  Most vehicle wraps can last one to five years depending on how you maintain your vehicle.

Q:  How is a vehicle wrap applied?

A:  Vehicle wraps are applied in sheets of vinyl that has been made specifically for this type of application and has a clear top coat called a laminate.  It covers the existing paint and when done correctly, it resembles a painted surface that is free of bubbles.

Q:  Can a vehicle wrap be removed?

A:  Yes they can be removed!  Once a vehicle wrap is removed, it leaves no remaining effect on your vehicle.