Promotional Items & Gifts

Promotional Items & Gifts

Your sign says it all, but your sign can’t go everywhere. With Signtec laser engraving, your logo can be etched on a variety of promotional gifts. We put the same care and attention to detail on promotional and corporate items as we do for your signage. And you can expect the same quality in our promotional products. These gifts won’t become throwaways!


Who doesn’t need a variety of options to take drinks on the go? And with your logo on a Yeti beverage container, your customers, clients and colleagues can transport their drink of choice in style. And while your customers will appreciate the quality of your promotional gift, you’ll receive the benefit of increased brand exposure. Why invest in a disposable promotional gift when you can give your customers or clients something they will be happy to use and that will last?


Step up the sophistication with laser-engraved glassware. Crystal clear glass with a subtly etched logo has an elegance that reinforces the quality of your brand. It puts your company in the best light.


Laser engraving on wood is light-years beyond wood-burning. Intricate or delicate designs and logos can be etched on wood in any form of promotional or corporate gift, whether a plaque, box or set of coasters. Laser engraving is limited only by your imagination.

And everything else

Leather goods can also be laser engraved. In fact, most any material is a candidate, whether acrylic, plastic or metal. There’s no limit to size or shape either. We’re even able to laser engrave guns.

Signtec laser-engraved promotional gifts are a great investment in your business. They tell the world who you are. Make sure they also express the quality and character of your company.
Now is not the time to skimp. We can help you create the best designs on the best products.

View our gallery for design and product inspiration. And if you don’t see what you have in mind, just ask us if your idea is possible. We’re in the business of creating lasting impressions. Let’s make sure it’s a good one!